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Making art with your kids and friends is a
GREAT thing to do!
These are golden memories. 

So let me help.

In this Mini Wonder Workshop I provide printouts to use and inspire you, as well as all the instructions you need to make a gorgeous, collaborative artwork.

You only need a printer, some card, watercolours (actually any paints, colouring pencils or crayons will do!), scissors and glue. Easy really!


Anna is a great teacher and her projects are so much fun. Just do it! You'll love it!

Meet Anna Bartlett, a mother of four who knows what it's like to make art with kids

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It's what memories are made of. Truly. 

The artwork that I've made WITH my kids is the absolute favourite thing I have on my walls. And they love it too.

But when it comes to kids, you know.... attention spans differ.

That's why this is a terrific project to spread out over a couple of days (unless you need a gift TODAY, in which case, bribery might help).

The supplies you need are minimal and the results are lovely. Use my drawings as a stepping off point to add your own and those by your kids, family members and/or friends.

And you can make it to whatever size fits the frame you have.

I can't wait to see what you make!

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Teacup Collage
A Mini Wonder Workshop
$22 AUD

  • 5 videos, demonstrating the stages of the project, step by step
  • Printable resources to give you 'starter art' for your unique collage
  • Information on prepping for framing
  • Some ideas about managing your kids during this project 

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